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About Us

At Edinburgh Natural Skincare we use only the purest and naturally sourced ingredients which go into the making of each and every skincare product.

In March 2010 we attempted to make a loaf of soap at our kitchen table in East Lothian.

The results were comical, but we persisted and eventually after months of experimentation and failures we succeeded in getting our formula right. Many late nights followed as we had a year-old baby who couldn’t be around as the soap making process is dangerous, so we had to put him to bed before we could start pouring and mixing our potions, hence the late nights.

Right from day one we knew that we would only use 100% natural materials in whatever products we made. That meant no preservatives, colourings or artificial fragrance oils. Quality means everything to us and is the very reason that we’ve managed to expand and gain and gain a happy and loyal customer base.

After approximately one year we started to add some natural skincare products to our range of soaps.
Things started to get serious and very, very busy.

After a year’s production and a growing natural skincare range, we had basically turned our house into
a factory, so it was time to expand.

We found a small, cold and draughty factory unit in the very heart of rural East Lothian at Fenton Barns
and moved in with nothing more than a wooden table. This enabled us to really start to focus on the
product range and to take on our first staff member.

Four years later we needed somewhere bigger, so we moved to our current premises in the historic
town of Prestonpans where we are heavily focussed on developing and improving our natural skincare

From our humble beginnings at the kitchen table, we now sell worldwide!

Our Environment

Because we know that our obligations don’t simply begin and end with the ranges we produce, but with the entire process of taking the most pure and natural ingredients and blending them into the products which ultimately find a place in your home.

Our Genesis

The driving force behind Edinburgh Natural Skincare was the development method of a formula entirely our own. The seed grew into today’s company, in a dedicated production facility in the countryside; and the formula; well, its never changed.

Our Location

Just a few miles from Edinburgh, the company set up its first dedicated production facility in the beautiful East Lothian countryside. That was in 2012 and since this move production has grown exponentially, with new product lines created in our dedicated lab.

Your Wellbeing

Of course, we care about the environment, and we want you to know more about us. But what’s really important is your skin. Its why we are here. Your wellbeing is our main concern, and we want to engage with you to truly ensure you get what’s best for your body and health.