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About us

At The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company we use only the purest ingredients from mother nature to bring you products of quality, efficacy and long lasting value.

It all began with an ambition by a young family sat around a kitchen table in East Lothian, Scotland around 10 years ago.

They wanted to make a 100% natural skincare range that would suit all skin types and only use the purest of ingredients. The key was about providing people with quality, efficacy, and value for money without harming the earth. They knew they wanted to be sustainable, responsible, and keep to all-natural ingredients, but how to begin?

At first, they attempted to make a loaf of soap. But the result was “less than ideal”! After much persistence, experimentation, trial and error and long, long hours, they succeeded in producing their first beautiful batch of luxury quality cold-processed soap.This was the moment of birth for The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company.

From those first few soaps, to the iconic Queen Bee Solid Hand Cream Bar and the ever-popular Luxury No. 1 Whipped Body Butter, to now over 40 more personal care products, hand-made at their dedicated Studio Labs in East Lothian, (The Garden of Scotland), The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company has been guided by a single principle: you are at your most beautiful when you take the very best care of yourself.

And the very best care still means using only the purest ingredients nature provides…

At the Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company when they say ‘natural’, they mean natural.

All products are 100% natural with no petrochemicals, phthalates, parabens or sodium lauryl sulfates (SLS) present in any of their products.

The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company are proud to bring you products that look after you from top to toe! Now available in: Hair Care, Facial Skincare, Lip Care, Body Care, Hand Care, Men’s Grooming, Baby, and Bath time.

Over the years, The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company brand has become renowned for its impeccable quality and potent efficacy in natural personal care products, and is proud to be sold in many markets around the world, including to their passionate followers right here in the UK.

To this day, they believe, (like all of their customers) that luxury shouldn’t cost the earth.

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We appreciate you and we would love to hear from you. If you have any questions or need information that’s not available on our site, then please contact us by writing to or dropping in to our shop in Edinburgh where we are open Monday to Sunday 10am-6pm, located at 57 Cockburn Street, EH1 1BS.

We believe in delivering the best care nature can provide. To support us, join us on social media at the following links.