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Baby Balm Bar

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Baby Balm Bar

The latest and most exciting addition to our “Baby I Love You” range. The Baby I Love You Solid Baby Balm is the perfect solution for busy Mums on the go. Formulated using pure Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, which prevents dryness and peeling and possesses excellent emollient qualities plus Coconut Oil and Virgin Organic Hemp oil to protect the delicate skin of your baby.

Why carry a clumsy jar or bottle of cream around? It only adds extra weight and can be fiddly and awkward to apply. Our solid baby balm is a great light weight solution. Just pop out of the tin, rub between the hands or apply directly to the baby’s skin, then pop back into the tin! The solid baby balm acts as an excellent natural barrier and moisturiser which helps to protect your baby’s skin from pollutants and particles in the air.

When you’re off on your holidays it can be “slightly” annoying when liquids are confiscated at security so we’re happy to report that our solid baby balm can be carried directly on to the plane as it’s a solid, so it beats the no liquid ban!

Gentle and kind to your baby’s skin.

No artificial colourings, fragrance oils, or preservatives.

Contents 90g.

Definitely not tested on animals.

100% Natural

Hand Made in Scotland.

2 reviews for Baby Balm Bar

  1. Diane

    Brilliant for adults with sensitive skin too, along with the baby soap. Lovely.

  2. Diane

    I bought this at xmas market i thought it would have smelled of coconut due to cocoa butter and coconut oil being used all i smell is a waxy smell bought the queen bee which has a lovely lemony smell so more pleasant to use

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