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5 Reasons to Only Put Natural Skincare Ingredients on Your Body

 We believe that good, natural skincare shouldn’t cost the earth. That’s why when we say that our products are natural, we mean they are seriously natural. We’ve made our skincare as organic as possible by using only the purest of ingredients that Mother Nature has to offer. Through lots of restless nights, trial and tribulation, we created skincare that provides quality, value, and efficacy without harming the earth. 

As well as this, our products are sustainably sourced, responsible, and never (and we mean EVER) tested on animals. We’re proud to bring you products that look after you from top to toe, as well as the planet. After all, there is no planet B!

From our store here in Edinburgh to your front door, we use planet-friendly packaging for both our products and our shipping. Still not convinced? Here are some other reasons you should swap to eco-friendly cosmetics.

The Eco-System Matters

When you use synthetic and chemical-heavy products, not only do they leave traces on your skin, but they contaminate the air and water too. According to recent studies, some ingredients from sunscreen caused damage to coral reefs by bleaching them. By making the switch to 100% natural skincare products, like our Ultra Rich Anti-Ageing Night Cream and Day Cream Set, you’re not only protecting your skin but you’re actively protecting the ecosystem too!

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Protecting Your Health

Some of the ingredients in cosmetics contain toxic substances that your skin will absorb. Among the most dangerous are added in to make the shelf-life longer. These ingredients can cause everything from redness and itching to allergic reactions! You won’t find any hidden extras in our natural skincare products. We like to keep things simple – just how your skin likes it.

It Doesn’t Hurt Animals

You’ll be shocked to see how many skincare manufacturers still test their products on animals, we’re pleased to not be on that list. In Europe alone, over 10.9 million animals were tested on in 2017. If you’re against the testing of products of animals, then choose a brand that stands against it. Not a single item in our skincare range is tested on animals (or ever have been, for that matter) and that’s how it will always stay.

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It Won’t Damage Your Bank Account

It’s a common misconception that eco-friendly products will have you paying more and, to put simply, this is false. For example, our range starts from just £6.95 and we have free delivery available too! We don’t agree with increasing prices, we believe in providing eco-friendly products that are affordable for all.

Suitable For All Skin Types

Aside from being great for sensitive and dry skin, natural skincare can also improve the health of oily and acne-prone skin. You can maintain that healthy glow and lock-in that all-important moisture – no matter your skin type. Our ingredients are so gentle they’re even safe for babies. That’s why we created the Baby I Love You range. It’s all hypoallergenic and contains no artificial colouring, preservatives or fragrance oils. Each product contains only the purest ingredients to benefit your baby’s skin health.

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If you’re interested in making the jump to natural and eco-friendly products, take a look on site. From hair products, to solid perfumes and more, we’ve got it all. Plus take 10% off your first order when you sign up to our emails, what’s not to love?

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