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Beeswax in Body Butter

Before we start talking about the numerous benefits of beeswax in body butter, let me explain that we only use suppliers who take the best care of these wonderful creatures.

We wholeheartedly support the great efforts being made to protect the bee population in the UK.

What we’re interested in is this industrious species’ ability to produce beeswax.

This bee by-product is an incredibly effective moisturiser, and it can be harvested without harming a single insect.

Expert apiarists (beekeepers) lovingly care for hives and their occupants, extracting surplus honey to sell.

This also involves removing the beeswax frame that stores and caps honeycomb.

For thousands of years, there has been an appreciation of how glorious and versatile this waxy substance is as a lubricant.

Ensuring its appearance in everything from candles and furniture polish to high-quality skincare products.

It also happens to be an incredible waterproof material. More on how that translates into the ideal skincare ingredient later.

The team at the Edinburgh Natural Skincare company are sensitive to the fact that many of our customers rely on us as a source of high-quality vegan beauty treatments and lotions.

We understand that the addition of Beeswax could make some of our products unsuitable for you, but we use it for specific and valuable reasons.

Advantages of beeswax in body butter

The unique natural structure of beeswax can be softened down to enable it to be perfectly blended into body butter that produces deeply moisturising results.

One of the reasons to include beeswax in body butter is that it creates a protective layer across the surface of your epidermis.

This offers a long-lasting natural barrier against such things as air pollution and the sun’s rays. It’s like a natural alternative to your skin’s own sebum.

That’s just one of the ways that beeswax combats dryness. It also locks in moisture, helping to make your skin more elastic, firm and self-healing.

Yet another benefit of beeswax in skincare products is that it contains anti-allergenic and anti-inflammatory properties.

This enables it to help to soothe even irritated skin. So, anyone with rosacea or eczema should look for pure products that contain beeswax.

Top skin and beauty products with beeswax

We have perfected the amount of beeswax you need to combine with other natural ingredients, to create the perfect blend of deeply effective skincare products. In particular, our recommended body butters listed below.

Our Full Range Of Whipped Body Butters

St Clement's Whipped Body Butter
St Clement’s will leave you feeling soft, smooth, and supple.

Beeswax is just one of the easy to absorb and defensive ingredients in all of our body butters.

Apart from its ability to lock in all the richness of the other natural elements, the addition of beeswax is one reason this is a superb product for baby massages, dry skin treatment and daily use.

Whipped Body Butter is so rich and nutritious you only need to spread a small amount to enjoy soft, smooth and well-moisturised skin.

Solid Hand Cream Bars

Gardener's Hand Balm
Gardener’s triple action formula that moisturises, nourishes, and restores.

We don’t want hands feeling deprived of the wondrous properties of beeswax.

All of our hand cream bars are blended with carefully selected oils and butters to produce this best selling product.

With a variety of different scents, oils and rich ingredients, we’ve created a bar for every hand, for babies, gardeners and for those who enjoy the most luxurious of ingredients.

Beeswax provides a silky barrier protecting your hands against the strains of daily environments. The luxurious ingredient is known for reducing skin dryness on the hands and covering the body.

As we enter the winter months our range of hand cream bars are great for locking in that lost moisture.

Gentlemen’s Balms


Hunter's After Shave Balm
Hunter’s After Shave Balm for Men

As we’ve discovered, beeswax is a miracle worker for keeping your skin hydrated, but when it comes to beard, the ingredient truly ‘shines’.

A lot of aftershave balms use alcohols and harsh chemicals, which dehydrate and weakening your skin. But the 100% natural Hunters Aftershave Balm has the opposite effect.

Due to the key ingredient of Beeswax, with no stinging or dryness, our balm provides hydration and anti-ageing properties.

At The Edinburgh Natural Skincare we have formulated our beard balm with beeswax locking in nourishment and shine, rejuvenating coarse and brittle hairs.


Love bees, please!

We know what a ‘labour of love’ beeswax is, so we fully support the various campaigns and activities to boost and protect the UK bee population.

Keep in mind, we don’t buy in bulk for industrial-mass production! We buy just enough for our superb natural skincare products, and only from verified and highly conscientious honey farms who use their profits to grow their hives.

So, we can promote our stripy little workforce, with a clear conscience!