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Best Natural Skincare Products for Sensitive Skin

If you’re looking for beauty care products for sensitive skin, finding items that live up to your expectations can be tough. The issue becomes even more complex if you’re also keen to track down cruelty-free, vegan skincare products.

Fortunately, Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company has got you covered, including vegan skincare options for men with problem skin.

The main reason we can tick so many boxes is that we only use pure, natural ingredients. These are then carefully balanced and mixed to complement each other, creating a harmonious and organic reaction with your skin.

The best Natural Vegan Skincare leaves out nasties

Interestingly, it’s what we leave out that matters when it comes to cruelty-free skincare products that are kind to sensitive skin. We don’t use any artificial ‘fillers’ or additives that are counterintuitive to the healing and soothing properties of our vegan skincare range.

Each item is densely packed with nutrients and essential oils. Alongside botanical ingredients that add in anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antioxidant factors.

Plus, when aroma matters, our vegan beauty products for sensitive skin smell wonderful too. Only because they are carefully perfumed by ingredients from nature’s own bounty.

Could this skincare range get any more attractive? Well yes, as our products are also packaged to help you to avoid plastic for ethical beauty care.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the ingredients in our organic products, to help you to find natural, vegan-friendly skincare for sensitive skin.

Baby I Love You Whipped Body Butter

This option is so gentle that it’s perfect for babies, as well as for anyone else who needs to keep their skin well hydrated, smooth and soft.

As with other items in our vegan skincare range, it includes virgin, organic shea butter. Utterly pure, and perfect for locking in moisture, repairing and restoring skin health.

It also provides anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, working in harmony with added skin nutrients include Vitamin A and E.

Lavender and Frankincense Anti-ageing Formula

How about trying one of the best vegan, gentle skincare products that are also anti-ageing treatments! Yes, we have that sorted too.

Using botanical ingredients revered for centuries, essential oils and organic Shea Butter in carefully developed amounts, the result is a soothing, restorative cream for sensitive and problem skin. It also smells amazing!

The effects of this beauty product recommended by vegans linger for awhile too. That’s because the ingredients work together to boost elasticity and cell regeneration, protecting you from the environment and the effects of ageing.

Green Lady Cold Processed Soap

There’s a myth that you can’t use soap if you have problem skin. Not true, if you find the perfect soap for sensitive skin; that also happens to be cruelty-free and ideal for anyone living a vegan lifestyle.

Our Green Lady Cold Processed Soap includes pure unrefined Shea Butter, in concert with other pampering and soothing ingredients to clean and refresh your face and body, leaving behind only natural and nourishing residue.

Gentlemen’s Daily Moisturising Face Serum

Gentlemen's Daily Moisturising Face Serum Natural Skincare for Men

Organic skin care products for men who struggle with dry or sensitive skin have also been developed by our devoted R&D team.

This daily moisturiser includes Jojoba Oil in its list of prestigious and perfectly balanced ingredients. This is a natural anti-inflammatory agent that works wonders for men with eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea for example.

Among the other wonderful nature-inspired ingredients is Borage Oil, which was used in the middle ages to “chase away sadness”. Take a look at the full list to see just how luxurious and well researched the Gentlemen’s Daily Moisturising Face Serum is, to make it a perfect product for vegan men.

Best beauty care for vegans with sensitive skin

If you’ve embraced the vegan life, there’s no reason to compromise on having skin that looks and feels amazing. Even if you suffer from a wide variety of modern-day skin conditions or have high sensitivity.

Thanks to the glorious, organic products we use – in the Garden of Scotland – you can rely on Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company for vegan beauty treatments for sensitive skin …naturally!