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How to use Coconut Oil on hair

The concentrated moisturising properties – and high nutrient content – of coconut oil have earned it an important role in quality beauty products. How and why should you use coconut oil on your hair? For some avid fans of Cocos Nucifera (the official name for coconut oil), it really comes into its own when used […]

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How to use Queen Bee Solid Hand Cream Bars

Ensuring an even spread of soothing and healing hand cream, or focusing on specific problem areas, becomes easier with a Queen Bee Solid Hand Cream Bar. Solid hand cream bars have been a total revelation to many purchasers, especially those with skin troubles and woes. In some cases, bars have been enthusiastically welcomed as a […]

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What is Cocos nucifera?

Cocos Nucifera

Skin and hair health can be superbly supported by using many centuries’ worth of wisdom and the finest botanicals. One of the best elements of nature’s bounty is Cocos Nucifera. So, let’s explore what Cocos nucifera is. There has been much written on the potency and multiple applications of coconut oil. Which is also referred […]

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How to use our Natural Hair Conditioner

Finding a nutrient-rich and kind hair treatment is just the start for restoring and maintaining a healthy head of hair. The quality and purity of the product are important, but so is finding the best way to apply hair conditioner! To gain full benefit from an authentically natural conditioning treatment for your hair, it is […]

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What is Hemp Oil?

When crafting beneficial products to boost skin and hair, it makes perfect sense to use pure and proven ingredients provided by Mother Earth. One of the most versatile is hemp oil, but what is it? This ancient, highly-respected and adaptable therapeutic component comes wrapped up in myths and misunderstandings. That’s because Hemp is part of […]

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