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How to use our solid perfumes

Being confident and feeling good can depend on how you smell, not just how you look! One of the best ways to create a lasting fragrance on your skin is to know how to use a solid perfume crafted by Edinburgh Natural Skincare. It could be high time that you ditched liquid perfumes and got […]

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How to Look Less Tired

Modern life and all its pressures can leave you feeling distinctly jaded and out of sorts. But the option of ditching work and jetting off to the sun for a week is not available. So, how can natural skincare help you to feel and look less tired? ‘Me time’ has never been more important. That […]

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What is maskne and how can you prevent it?


Now that mask-wearing has been made a mandatory requirement in indoor settings, more and more of us are struggling with ‘maskne’. A skin condition characterised by blemishes and irritation around the mouth and jawline. It can leave your skin feeling and looking sore and add to the stress of our already weird daily lives. So, […]

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The Ideal Christmas gift for Her – Part 1

Shopping early for Christmas could be a great way to chase away the gloom and grab the ideal gift for a woman who has ‘been there for you’ this year. This is the first of our guides to the best gifts; packed and wrapped beautifully. Making the 2020 festive season truly magical could be a […]

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