The surprising benefits of using face serum

Terminology in the health and beauty industries can be confusing. We lift the lid on the surprising benefits of using face serum, an everyday product with advantages over better-known alternatives. Wading through marketing speak can be difficult when buying the best health and beauty products, and one of the latest expressions you may have come across is ‘face serum’. So, what is a serum, and what are the differences between creams, lotions and serums? The word serum is taken from science, and when applied to skincare indicates a lightweight cosmetic preparation, that’s concentrated and doesn’t include lubricating and thickening agents. That means the biggest reason to opt for a face serum, is you are getting a power-packed, nutrient-rich product, with every molecule chosen to bring skin health advantages. Many creams and lotions, on the other hand, rely heavily on ‘carriers’ or some include chemicals added to change the consistency and shelf-life of the liquid. In some cases, the creams and lotions you buy will actually have shockingly low amounts of active ingredients. Making them far less effective or even of dubious value compared to concentrated serums. The reasons to buy high quality, all-natural face serum don’t end there though. Let’s move on to the surprising benefits of using face serum.

5 Benefits of Using Face Serum

1. Easy to absorb

One of the advantages of buying a proven face serum is that the formula will be light and non-greasy, partly thanks to the absence of the ‘extras’ mentioned above and the use of soothing botanic oils. We select pure, nurturing ingredients that are quickly absorbed into the skin, so that can start to work immediately.

2. Nourishing

As already mentioned, one small bottle of face serum from a leading skincare range will be a rich blend of ingredients chosen because they make your skin look and feel better. They will also add important nutrients and moisturising elements for improved skin health too. Face serum is formulated and blended to lock in the active properties of all the natural ingredients included.

3. Collagen boosting

Plumper, firmer and healthier skin is a result of ‘feeding it the right things and enabling it to produce lots of supportive collagen. One of the benefits of face serum is that it can combat tired, dull and lined skin, by helping it produce the right amount of collagen.

4. Protection from free radicals

This all gets a bit technical, but it comes down to this. Face serums feed your skin with natural substances that help it to fight free radicals. These are the things that damage skin, due to environmental factors and time. Having an improved level of protection means a greater chance of limiting the signs of ageing on your skin.

Recommended for men and women

You only need a couple of drops of serum, to feel positive effects, quickly. Making a bottle of the leading face serum a wise investment. Unlike alternatives, you don’t need to ‘slather’ it on! Also, it’s important to note that the benefits of face serums extend across genders. Our Gentlemen’s Daily Moisturising face serum has been specially formulated to be synergic with the structural differences in male skin, and of course those beard hair follicles. The 100% natural blend of oils and extracts create a wonderful result, plumping and hydrating male skin; but the biggest wow factor is Borage Oil, an ancient and proven moisturiser. One male customer said: “Best moisturiser I've ever used. Onto my third bottle. Lasts for ages, is not too oily, smells lovely.” Our wonderfully replenishing Symmetry Anti-Aging Serum is also a concentrated blend of glorious natural components known to lift, soothe, smooth and brighten skin. Such as Sweet Almond, Walnut, Blackcurrant Seed and Virgin Organic Hemp Oils, all supported by extracts of Rose Geranium, Bay Laurel, and Jasmine.

What do customers think of it? “Light, beautifully scented - quickly absorbed, and great for everyday use. Smells like a spa!” and “Luxurious face oil that melts quickly into my skin and smells divine.”

Try a face serum suitable for your skin

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