Best anti-ageing serum: What to look out for

There’s lots of talk about anti-ageing products and successful ways to ‘hold back time’ to achieve smoother, more vibrant facial skin. So what is the best anti-ageing serum and why is it so effective? Medical science is constantly finding new ways to tackle the effects of ageing, including products to protect skin health from the impact of free radicals. These are the unstable atoms that damage skin cells, including causing them to become less resistant to the environment and disease, drier and more lined. One of the most readily available ways to combat the signs of ageing and protect facial skin health is to use the best anti-ageing serum. This article explains what that is, and ways to use anti-ageing serums to optimise your skin’s ability to heal and stay soft, smooth and strong. We will also show the advantages of buying anti-ageing serums for young faces!

What is an anti-ageing serum?

Anti-ageing serums are either a concentrated, oil-based liquid or gel that is an intense blend of nutritional ingredients for the skin. The best anti-ageing serum would have no added carriers or fillers. Only active skincare components, rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants (the natural substances that fight free radicals). Our version – as you would expect from a leading natural skincare company – is entirely organic and crafted from the highest quality botanic ingredients that interact brilliantly with skin cells. This ensures our serum’s concentrated goodness works fast and hard. Whether you apply it to your whole face or specific problem areas where you’re losing skin ‘elasticity’ and hydration. For younger users, it offers a high degree of protection, generally firming and plumping facial skin.

Moisturisers v face serums

Using an anti-ageing serum doesn’t mean you can skip other parts of an effective skin self-care routine. Moisturisers and anti-ageing face serums do different jobs. One focuses on deep hydration and nourishing skin, and the other is a more intense cellular level health boost. When you buy our anti-ageing cream and serum, the two products work in tandem to protect, heal and revitalise facial skin.

Sensitive skin and serum use

Can you use anti-ageing serums on problem skin? In conjunction with moisturisers that help sensitive skin, the best serums are safe. It’s important to only use serums blended to be universally effective though – like our trusted Symmetry product. Our customers with sensitive leave glowing reviews including “A superlative product. My skin looks and feels wonderful after each application…highly recommend this serum for anyone with dry or sensitive skin”.

Ingredients in the best anti-ageing serum

To dig deeper into how anti-ageing serums work, let’s look at the rich active ingredients we blend into our highly popular Symmetry Anti-Ageing Face Serum. Every component is there for a very good reason and contributes to healing and supporting facial skin. Including Sweet Almond, Blackcurrant Seed, Virgin Organic Hemp and Walnut Oils. The serum is also a careful blend of Rose Geranium, Rose, Bay Laurel, and a high proportion of Jasmine, which adds to the divine smell, but also to skin rejuvenation.

The best way to use anti-ageing serum

Reference has already been made to the fact this should be an addition to your healthy daily skincare routine, and as it's an intense and powerful formula, a little goes a long way! Simply add one or two drops of the best anti-ageing face serum to your fingertips. Then, with gentle circular motions, massage this pure, concentrated product into your face, or areas of greatest concern, morning and night. You can apply face serum more effectively if your skin is a little damp, as it helps spread the goodness easily and evenly. One customer told us: “Love the smell and the texture, very warming on the skin.” Though keep in mind that the immediate effect of the serum will vary from person to person.

Buy the leading anti-ageing face serum online

Our anti-ageing serum is excellent value for money when you consider how intense and pure each drop is, and the wonderful results our customers report to us. One customer said: “Have been using the serum for a couple of years now and makes my skin feel softer and young.” To help you buy the perfect combination for tackling the signs of ageing on skin, we have created a Symmetry Anti-Ageing Serum and Face Cream bundle. Whether you buy this or a separate serum, please let us know what you think, as we love feedback!