How whipped body butter nourishes your skin

Choosing between body butter and lotion depends on your personal needs and preferences. However, it’s helpful to understand how whipped body butter nourishes your skin, in an intense way. Nature gives babies soft, plump skin that grows, heals and rejuvenates in a miraculous harmonious way. Then life happens! As we get older, what we eat, environmental toxins and contaminants and the march of time all affect our skin appearance and health. We can reach for a host of miracle lotions and quick-fix potions that promise improved skin. However, if you think about it, surely the best solutions come from……nature! That’s why it’s so important to choose genuinely natural body care products. Ones rich in organic plant-based ingredients and packed with nutrients that interact wonderfully with human skin. This is especially true of natural body butter, formulated to give back to your skin everything that modern life and time take from it. Let’s look at that in more detail, and how whipped body butter nourishes your skin.

What is body butter?

This is a crucial starting point, as it also explores the differences between body butter and lotions. Lotions feature a higher quantity of liquid to enable you to spread the ingredients across your skin quickly. Body butter is denser and requires a gentle circular motion to apply its concentrated ingredients to the skin. This provides your skin cells with intense hydration, as well as adding other nutrients that promote skin regeneration. Using natural body butter to improve skin appearance, feel and health often brings longer-lasting benefits too. Lotions will absorb quickly and wash away easily. The nutrients body butter applies to your skin penetrate the surface and sit deep in your epidermis. So, they continue to work for some time. That’s especially important in winter when the weather and central heating strip moisture away and create skin dryness. Lastly, using natural body butter enables you to focus on problem areas, such as patches of dryness, redness or acne. With body butter, you apply the perfect amount of rich revitalising goodness. Making our natural body butter excellent value too, as it lasts a while.

Why is ‘whipped’ body butter recommended

Whipped refers to the careful, sustainable production process we use to combine all the luxurious skin nutrients in body butter. Each step carefully locks in the goodness, and ensures authentically natural ingredients. However, a degree of lightness is worked in, to make it easier to apply the glorious combination.

What’s in natural body butter?

Behind the care in crafting this pure skincare product lies extensive research into science-backed natural remedies for skin. What could we blend into our body butter, to maximise its ability to hydrate, moisturise and rejuvenate? You will see from the range that we adjust some ingredients to offer choices on fragrance and to create the perfect moisturiser for infants, for example. However, the best body butter base is a balanced blend of these three ingredients.

Virgin Organic Unrefined Shea Butter

Shea butter of this quality is superb at nourishing skin, even if it is ‘tired’ and dry. Shea butter contains dense amounts of key vitamins and fatty acids known to have a beneficial effect on skin health and performance.

Coconut Oil

We are also lavish in our use of coconut oil in our leading whipped body butters. You may already know that this wonderful substance gets absorbed easily by your skin, and deeply moisturises, leaving no oily residue. It also has important antibacterial properties to boost skin health.


As our many long-standing customers know, we focus primarily on locally sourced, organic plant-based ingredients, as part of our ethical mission. Therefore, we use beeswax extracted with care to protect the incredible creatures who make it. We use beeswax because we want you to enjoy lasting benefits from our natural body butter. A strategic amount of this hydrating and protective substance locks in the good stuff, promoting continued healing and resilience.

Choosing a recommended body butter

We have already mentioned that our natural body care products vary in contents and purpose. Such as, our Luxury No. 1 Whipped Body Butter is generously endowed with essential oils, and spicy fragrances from Lime, Clove, and Sweet Orange, Frankincense and Myrrh. Hence the word ‘luxury’. Alternatively, we have light, tangy St Clement’s Whipped Body Butter, and a version specially formulated to be super gentle called Baby I Love You Whipped Body Butter. Browse the range and try the one that suits your skin needs. Then ‘butter us up’ with your feedback, please!