Self-care tips: Skincare brand ambassadors share their insights

Customer feedback is vital not just to us, but to those of you interested in our natural skincare range. We’re delighted to share some self-care tips directly from our Brand Ambassadors who share how to incorporate it into your self-care routine. The Edinburgh Natural Skincare company listens carefully to their views, particularly when testing new products. We also believe they are a brilliant source of information for all our other valued customers, including self-care tips you can use to boost your skin’s appearance, feel and resilience, throughout the day.

Setting up a ‘good skin day’

Washing your face each morning is essential for determining how your skin looks and feels, and your general sense of wellbeing too. Stripping away toxins and feeling fresh, invigorated, and ready to ‘face’ your day is important, making effective natural facial care products a wise investment. The perfect morning skin pick-me-up would be cleansing with a cold-processed soap (packed with nutrients), followed by a luxurious layer of Symmetry Anti Ageing Face Cream. According to Brand Ambassador Billie it: “Smells absolutely amazing. Just a small amount is needed, and my skin just feels lovely.”

Don’t forget to ‘pamper your nose’

The smell of your self-care products matters! Enjoyable aromas stimulate emotional responses. Some fragrances are excellent at creating relaxation and calm and when you feel good, you combat the effects stress has on your skin. This is why another great way to start your day is by applying Symmetry Botanical Perfume Oil to your wrists and neck, and behind your ear. Brand Ambassador Hannah describes it as: “Really floral, really fresh - it’s great!”

Carve out regular me time

Self-care tips for the morning are invaluable, but you deserve regular me time during your day to reboot, refresh and rejuvenate. It could be as simple as going for a walk, reading a book or sipping your favourite health smoothie. One of the easiest ways to grab some pamper time on the move is by applying a quality hand care product, such as a Luxury No.1 Solid Hand Cream Bar, for a relaxing massage and beautifully moisturised and nourished hands. One customer explained: “I use it several times a day. Smells heavenly. Bought one for friends who love it too. Quickly absorbed and doesn't leave your hands greasy.”

Treat yourself to the best bath

This self-care tip refers to two different natural experiences that improve your mental health, as well as your skin. First is something called forest bathing. This is part of the Japanese practice of Shinrin-yoku, which involves soaking up the natural beauty and aromas of a large body of trees. It can be wonderfully relaxing, especially when you follow up your “forest bath” with a luxury bubble bath! Our highly recommended Luxury No.1 Bathing Sensation Bath Salts contain lavender, to stimulate calm and peacefulness.

Self-care with all-over moisturiser

St Clements Whipped Body Butter You don’t need our self-care tips to know that moisturising your skin after a bath (or shower) is a great idea. Especially when you choose one of our very popular whipped body butters. Customers have said: “Love this cream which smells gorgeous, sinks in quickly and leaves skin soft and silky” and “The product name says it all, ‘Body Butter’… it is decadent, easy to apply, and minimal scent. Love this product!”. It’s just one of our luxury pampering body care products.

Night-time skincare

Bedtime self-care tips focus on giving your skin gentle assistance to do its important healing and restoration work while you sleep. To wake up with baby-soft skin, we recommend a small amount of our rich, nourishing Symmetry Anti Ageing Face Serum before bed. Brand Ambassador Annabel was concerned about using an oil-based serum on oily skin. However, she was pleasantly surprised: “I went to bed having used it, woke up this morning and my skin wasn’t oily at all - it was really smooth, really soft as well.” Also, look for the best night-time moisturiser made from all-natural ingredients. Brand Ambassador Lottie loves our Ultra Rich Anti Ageing Face Cream Night Formula. She said: “It feels a bit like melted butter… it goes on beautifully”. It’s the sort of luxury item you will find in our popular skincare gift sets.

What are your self-care tips?

If you have product feedback or self-care tips for skin, please get in touch. Or, apply to be a Brand Ambassador for The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company!