Skin Detox: How to improve your skin post-Christmas

Has a busy, self-indulgent, or totally chilled festive season left your skin looking less than sparkly and glowing? Fear not; an invigorating skin detox will leave you feeling fresh for the New Year. After a tough year, it would be richly deserved if you have indulged in plenty of treats, and possibly more than your usual intake of alcohol! Have you skipped on fresh air and exercise in favour of family time or sofa-surfing? There’s also a chance that parties have robbed you of sleep and resulted in you wearing extra makeup, that’s all added to your skin challenges. The harsh winter weather will certainly be taking its toll on your skin, and even being inside – at the mercy of central heating - can have a drying effect. Since it's the start of the New Year, this is an ideal time for a skin detox. Not least as it will help you to start 2022 with a ‘new’ face and an important confidence boost.

You are what you eat

No guide to improving your skin appearance would be complete without mentioning food and drink! If you want to detox your skin, it’s time to switch back to all the golden rules. Starting with consuming lots of water, and setting aside the choccies, crisps and booze in favour of fresh fruit and vegetables (especially leafy green ones). One piece of good news is, foods that are good for your skin include nuts. So, you can still enjoy that traditional Christmas treat. You might want to freeze the leftover turkey though and opt for oily fish like salmon and mackerel, as that’s a great source of skin-boosting nutrients.

More natural skin remedies

Another pleasant way to detox skin in winter is to head for your bed! That’s if you’re going there to sleep, not to eat snacks and watch festive films. As we highlighted in a previous blog, one of the most important parts of skin self-care is getting enough quality sleep. This enables your skin to carry out all its important rejuvenation and healing, undisturbed. Getting lots of sleep can also help you to de-stress. If being around your relatives has got you ‘strung out’ or you’ve been the one slaving for weeks to make Christmas special, take time now to unwind and relax. This could be a highly enjoyable way to reboot your hormones and minimise the effect stress has had on your skin. Particularly if it involves the next steps in our skin detox guide.

Treat your skin to natural products

Taking time to pamper yourself and enjoy some therapeutic self-care with a thorough skin detox is the ideal pick-me-up for post-Christmas lethargy. Particularly if you feel bloated and your skin is looking tired or spotty. The key is finding an online retailer who sells authentically pure skincare products – The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company! Then, order everything you need to cleanse, feed, heal and boost skin anywhere on your body. Choosing natural beauty products packed with nutrients and no nasty additives is bound to be best for ‘sad’ skin. Such as pure cleansers that go deep down to purify your face, and nurture its basic structure. Some of the best facial care products continue to do a great job for hours after you use them. Such as our rich, replenishing night creams. Though there are long-term benefits provided by our other botanic-based moisturisers too, as they contain a careful blend of hydrating but non-greasy essential oils.

It’s all about YOU!

Keep in mind that our skincare range also provides plenty of sensory stimulation. You will find massaging silky serums and moisturisers into your skin highly soothing and the aromas provided by our natural products are designed to help relax you. In our popular body care products, you will find sensational bath salts, wonderfully effective body butters and beautifully scented soaps. In other words, your skin detox with Edinburgh Natural Skincare products is a wonderful, all-around experience!

Happy New Year!

If you follow these skin detox tips, you should start 2022 with perked up appearance and a healthy dose of self-care. Check out our article on natural winter skin products to help you avoid the January blues too. The team at Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company certainly wish you a healthy, happy year ahead and we look forward to hearing from you with new feedback in the coming month.