Why are natural organic beauty products better for you?

When it comes to skincare, there is a huge range of beauty products available on the market. It can be difficult to know what is best for your skin. Here, we look at why natural and organic skin products are better for you than their synthetic alternatives. Is natural skincare really better? In this article we explore 5 reasons why natural organic beauty products are better for you.

1. Better for the environment

When it comes to beauty products, natural and organic really is preferable. Naturally sourced cosmetics are often better for the environment, as they are sustainably manufactured and ethically sourced. Not only that, but synthetic products often contain harmful chemicals which can be washed down the drain and leach into the water supply and ocean, causing harm to marine life and other animals.

2. Safer for your skin

Solid bath oilsWhile we are on the subject of the chemicals found in synthetic skincare, you should also be aware that anything you put on your skin is being absorbed. Skin is very porous and absorbs all the products you put on, so it is not ideal to be using products containing chemicals that can be harmful, or at the very least which you do not understand. When it comes to natural, organic products, the ingredients are often simpler and full of skin-nourishing goodness that protects rather than hurts your skin.

3. Not harmful to animals

While thinking about the benefits of natural skincare, you should also consider the animals involved. If you don’t usually think about animal testing, it might surprise you that many manufacturers of synthetic products still test on animals where it is legally required. So even if they are not testing on animals in the UK and Europe, they may be in other countries. Natural skincare is not just kinder to your skin and the planet, it is also kinder to animals. Our products are never tested on animals - only on humans who can vouch for how gentle and beneficial they are.

4. Full of essential nutrients

Your skin cannot be its best without some help. Sure, eating right and drinking plenty of water is important, but what you put on your skin is just as important. Natural ingredients take the best from nature and give it to your skin as part of your daily routine. Look for products that are packed full of ingredients that have vitamins and good fatty acids to help your skin to be clearer, more toned, and nourished. These skin-boosting benefits are important for both the look and health of your skin - and will have better long term effects than synthetic alternatives.

5. Ideal for sensitive skin

I love you baby whipped body butter If you have sensitive skin, then you know how difficult it can be to find products that suit your delicate complexion. While aggressive chemical products might promise fast results, they can also be damaging to those with skin that requires more gentle care. Avoid harsh synthetic products and opt for natural ingredients. These are more gentle on your skin and make them ideal for those who have either a generally sensitive skin type or a skin condition, such as eczema or acne. The delicate care these products provide could help you to feel more confident in your own skin every single day, without long term irritation. As we have seen, while the market might be flooded with synthetic products, opting for the natural and organic choice is better for your skin, for the environment, and for the animals that might be tested on. So you can enjoy skincare that works for your face and body, and you won’t be contributing to more environmental damage. If you want to dive into the world of natural skincare and reap the benefits, The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company has a product to meet your needs. Check out our full range and see how going natural could be the best thing for your skin.