Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company's Latest Creation Is ‘Eternal’

Edinburgh Natural Skincare Eternal range


The Eternal range is a brand new addition to our premium range of anti ageing face oils & creams. It is enriched with Black Lilac seed oil, the first time we have used this amazing, powerhouse ingredient, that gives a perpetual sense of richness and opulence to your skin.

After visiting the desert of Abu Dhabi in 2018 we returned to the UK seduced by the memory of the complex traditional scents of Oud, Amber and the vast range of floral attars which hang heavy in the warm night air.

We began experimenting with various blends of attars and after eight months, finally arrived at a finely balanced blend of Amber, Frangipani, Jasmine, Narcissus, Clove and Oud. We called this new scent ‘Eternal’.

There are two products in the range at launch, a serum and a cream, available in full or travel size. It is highly concentrated, apply only 1 or 2 droplets to be  softly worked in, morning and night.

Like all products they are 100% natural, hand made in Scotland by us, cruelty free with environmentally friendly packaging.

Eternal is the latest addition to a vast range of products from cleansers to hand creams, moisturisers and exfoliators. Face Oils, lip balms, day & night…. our products are now sold in selected retailers across the UK also in Japan, Germany, France, Holland, right across Europe & Asia and opening soon in China…

If you don’t know where to start? Try our adding our best selling
Super Cleanser, Symmetry anti ageing Serum or solid hand cream bars to your beauty regime and go from there.

And remember Love lasts ‘Eternal’