The Skincare Survival Guide For The Summer To Autumn Transition

Summer brings glowing, fresh, tanned skin. But all too soon, along comes the colder months that seem to dry out our skin so suddenly. Our skin becomes dry and dehydrated as autumn approaches, the cold air and wind deprives our skin of its natural oils. Your skin can also feel tighter which therefore increases dryness. At The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company, we have lots of solutions to help your skin transition from its summer to autumn routine. 


Our bestselling solid hand cream bars are fantastic for keeping your hands moisturised as the colder weather starts to seep its way into our lives. Our hand cream bars contain beeswax which helps to lock in moisture so that your hands stay soft and luscious for longer. I recommend applying the hand cream bar in the morning as part of your skincare routine and again in the evening. With our fantastic 3 for 2 offers on our hand cream bars, you can get one for your daily skincare routine, one on the go, and one as a gift for a friend! Each hand cream bar has a unique blend of essential oils which have individual benefits as well as smelling beautiful.

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 Another skincare essential for when the weather gets colder is incorporating an oil-based serum into your skincare routine. Our skin loses some of its moisture in winter, so it is essential to give our skin some extra care to keep it in perfect condition! Our Symmetry and Eternal serums are fantastic options for your autumn skincare routine. The Symmetry serum contains sweet almond oil which protects your skin from UV radiation damage as well as retaining moisture. If you have oily or combination skin, don’t worry! Symmetry serum also contains rose geranium oil which helps to balance the skin’s natural production, leaving you skin moisturised and hydrated with no excess oil! Symmetry also has a beautiful scent, pop into our shops to try the scent or have a browse of the full ingredient list to see if Symmetry is the serum for you.


Find out more about our Symmetry serum.



Our latest range ‘Eternal’ has been very popular and we’re sure it will stay this way as it gets colder! Eternal has a more minimal ingredient list so if you have more sensitive or acne prone skin; this is the one for you! Eternal serum contains black lilac oil which has anti-inflammatory benefits and helps to reduce and redness and puffiness. Eternal also contains sunflower oil which helps to hydrate and provide antioxidant protection. Eternal also contains amber, oud, jasmine and more. Have a look at our full ingredients list to see if this refreshing serum is the one for you! Just a couple of drops of both serums every morning and evening will leave your skin feeling softer, firmer and more hydrated.

Find out more about our Eternal serum.


If you have any further questions about how to start your 100% natural skincare routine this autumn, don’t hesitate to contact us via email or drop us a DM on Instagram!