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Gardener’s Gift Box: Summer Skincare

Step into summer with our 100% natural Gardener’s Gift Box! Full of the purest skincare, it is the perfect gift for the summer months… Gardener’s Hand Balm Firstly, our gorgeous Gardener’s Hand Balm combines a therapeutic amalgamation of essential oils in a nourishing Cocoa Butter base. Like all of our products, our solid hand creams […]

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Natural facial care routine for spring

If you are looking for a 100% natural spring facial care routine, this is the post for you! Our morning and night facial care routines are two of our most intrinsic daily rituals. The essential nature of caring for our skin makes it all the more important to use the best quality products. We need […]

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What is Cold Processed Soap?

The art of soap-making dates back long before commercial machinery was used. Now, it’s easy to ‘slip’ into using mass-produced bars without a second thought. However, we highly recommend cold processed soap, and this is why. It is a daily staple that we take for granted. However, the make-up of the soap product you’re currently […]

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New Beauty Routine Ideas

Every day is an opportunity for a new start. That includes giving your beauty habits – and your product choices – a thorough overhaul! Change can be good when a new beauty routine brings improvements to your health and appearance. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, and keep buying the same items, without […]

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