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Handmade Luxury Soap

Our handcrafted cold processed luxury soap bars are packed full of natural ingredients. Using a traditional slow-cured process, each soap provides luxurious nourishment and a lasting sensation of silky comfort. Our cold processed luxury soap bars come in various scents, from the comforting Super Scottish Porridge and Honey Cold Processed Soap, to the citrusy St Clement’s Cold Processed Soap. We even have a delicately formulated soap for little ones with our Baby I Love You Cold Processed Soap. Not sure which one to try? We have specially designed bundles of our popular luxury cold processed soaps that you can shop for below.  Every single Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company Soap is a Cold Processed Soap, which means each soap is lovingly hand-crafted to perfection in their studio labs with great attention dedicated to the detail of infusion, curing, and quality over the course of 4 weeks per soap. It is this traditional soap master’s slow-curing method that ensures your soap will last longer than any other everyday alternative without losing its structural integrity or efficacy. Every bar of Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company Cold Processed Soap gives only the finest luxurious experience from the first time you reveal it from its eco-friendly canvas bag to the last time you use it months later.

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5 products