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How to Combat Maskne

You don’t have to be a dermatologist to know that covering your skin for long periods of time is not good for it. Whether it’s heavy makeup, winter layers, or face masks. You’ve probably noticed that not allowing your skin to breathe causes the new phenomenon known as “maskne”.

Known more scientifically as occlusion, this is a blockage in the pores caused by something over your skin. Whatever happens over the course of 2021, we know for sure that we’ll be wearing masks for the foreseeable future. Until our faces get some well-deserved freedom, take a look at how you can fight those annoying maskne breakouts!

Wash your face with a cleanser before and after putting on a mask.

It may seem a bit too much at first but think of the dirt, bacteria, oil, and sweat that’s built up on your face before you add an extra layer over it – and then think of that which may have harboured underneath while you’ve been wearing the mask. Keeping your skin clean is rule number one in preventing breakouts, so adding a little more to the routine in these circumstances is imperative.

It also matters what product you’re putting on your face, especially if you’re applying it more frequently. Choose something non-synthetic and fragrance-free like our Virgin Organic Hemp Seed Oil Super Cleanser, in order to keep your skin clean while avoiding irritation.

Replace disposable masks often, and wash your fabric masks regularly.

It is recommended that disposable masks are only used once, but if you’re wearing them for a long period of time then consider swapping them out at least once a day. Try to avoid touching the mask, instead of putting it on/removing it using the straps that go behind your ears. If you use a fabric/reusable mask, make sure it’s getting washed on a high heat and on a regular basis. Plus, remember – don’t wear the mask for more than one full day of wear. Your mouth is home to a lot of bacteria which will transfer onto your mask and may collect on your skin over extended periods.

Moisturise your face more often.

Keeping your skin as hydrated as possible during the day is important anyway, but with the added stressors of an extra layer over your face, you need to make sure you’re boosting those hydration levels in any way you can. Make sure you apply a moisturiser before you wear a mask. An Ultra-Rich Day Cream will help you keep your skin hydrated and protected throughout the day. The cream provides a protective barrier that keeps pollutants and aggressors away from your pores, as well as other benefits like firming your skin and protecting the uncovered areas from UV rays.

Reduce stressors and other aggravating factors.

The little things can help reduce maskne buildups, too. While diet may not be the main source of your maskne breakouts, cutting down on dairy and sugars will certainly help with spot breakouts. If you live a busy lifestyle, the added worry of the current situation can contribute to a whole lot more stress in our lives. Which in turn can cause further breakouts. Finding ways to relax and unwind will help you nip those breakouts in the bud. So why not devote a little bit of time to yourself? Consider drawing a bath and adding some natural ingredients to help you on your way to ultimate relaxation. Our Natural Bath Salts and Oils are the perfect way to find that zen place far away from the worries of the outside world.

Let your skin breathe as much as possible.

With your pores fighting overtime under your mask, make sure you’re letting your skin get some downtime. Whenever you are able to practice social distancing from others, let your face get some fresh air. Apply less makeup as often as you can or even opt for no makeup below the mask. As reducing the number of layers over your skin will definitely help your skin take in more oxygen.

As we’ve all probably learned from our teens and early adulthood, breakouts are never fun. Often unexpected and usually occur at the worst possible times. Worrying about them only creates a vicious cycle of more stress and more breakouts. So eliminate that factor as soon as you can! Keep calm, and work towards your skin goals as best you possibly can.