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How to use our solid perfumes

Being confident and feeling good can depend on how you smell, not just how you look! One of the best ways to create a lasting fragrance on your skin is to know how to use a solid perfume crafted by Edinburgh Natural Skincare.

It could be high time that you ditched liquid perfumes and got yourself on ‘solid’ ground.

There are some strong advantages to buying your preferred fragrance as a luxurious and natural cream. Particularly if you know how to apply solid perfumes to best effect.

Creating a durable and consistent aroma

Before we look at the best ways to apply a solid perfume, let’s delve more deeply into why they are superior to sprays, roll-ons and fluid bottles.

Keep in mind that we are discussing the pure, cruelty-free solid perfumes we craft from all-natural ingredients. Some alternative in this niche have their advantages diminished by the addition of unnecessary ‘fillers’ and preservatives. For example, alcohol! There is none of that in our solid perfume fragrances, as it dries out skin and can lead to irritation.

Beyond the gloriously concentrated and all-natural ingredients, what else makes solid perfume worth buying?

For starters, it is great for when you are travelling. You can even slip it into hand luggage and dab your favourite scent on while you are flying.

In fact, solid perfumes are generally more convenient, slotting easily into your bag or pocket, without fear of them leaking or smashing.

One of the things that make our solid perfumes such good value for money is that as they are so concentrated and delightfully rich in aroma, you don’t need to use much to smell fabulous. And they provide a fragrance that lasts, rather that one that evaporates off your skin far too quickly.

The way solid perfumes are packaged also means there is no waste, so none of that dribble of perfume the spray mechanism misses!

We also need to mention that our solid range are sold in biodegradable packaging and they are all organic and vegan-friendly perfumes, too.

How perfume makes you feel

Apart from filling your nose full of a wonderful fragrance of your choice, buying our solid perfume means that your skin can feel great as well.

The essential oils, butters and beautiful balanced botanical ingredients are all designed to moisturise your skin. The wonderfully pure combination sits on the surface, working its magic for quite some time!

Applying solid perfumes well

Tips on how to use solid perfume:

Start by making sure you select a fragrance that suits your personality and preferences. Are you more a fresh and fruity person, or mysterious and spicy? Perhaps the effect you want is delicate, feminine and sensuous, with hints of Rose Geranium and Jasmine.

By the way, chaps have been known to use a solid perfume to enrich and fragrance their beard hair! So they may prefer the citrus and earthy tones of Luxury No.1 Solid Perfume.

When you find your perfect scent, the next step is to take a small amount to apply over your pulse points.

You can use a cotton pad or swab to apply the perfume hygienically. Though fingertips are ideal, as the heat they transmit can warm the solid perfume slightly making it even easier to spread effectively and active completely.

So, what do we mean by pulse points? This is your wrists, inner elbow and behind your ears. It is where your blood pumps close to the surface, radiating heat that can activate and enhance the perfume’s aroma.

By the way, it’s not only men who use solid perfume on hair! Any gender can run some luxuriously rich solid perfume along porous strands of hair creating another lasting, delicious smell on your body!

The best solid perfumes

We have already mentioned how popular Luxury No. 1 Solid Perfume is, but what other long-lasting and opulent options do we offer?

Symmetry Solid Perfume has an incredible fragrance, that perfectly complements other products we sell that use this unique natural scent. Including anti-ageing products made from all-natural ingredients.

For a crisp and ‘zingy’ aroma, you could choose Bergamot Botanica Solid Perfume or for subtle floral tones, the Golden Rosewood version.

It’s really all about you, and using solid perfume to make a sensory statement!