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How to use Queen Bee Solid Hand Cream Bars

Ensuring an even spread of soothing and healing hand cream, or focusing on specific problem areas, becomes easier with a Queen Bee Solid Hand Cream Bar.

Solid hand cream bars have been a total revelation to many purchasers, especially those with skin troubles and woes.

In some cases, bars have been enthusiastically welcomed as a brilliant way to buy effective hand cream without plastic containers. Indeed, hand cream in a bar is a fabulous sustainable solution.

Knowing where to buy hand cream in a bar means you get a highly portable and convenient way to hydrate and heal hands. Particularly as our fabulous smelling natural versions come in beautifully designed reusable tins.

However, there are other important advantages to using hand cream bars. Advantages that can be fully enjoyed if you use them in the right way.

The perfect example is our Queen Bee Solid Hand Cream Bars. These are ideal for anyone suffering from dry, cracked or sore skin.

Read on to find out more about the healing and restoring advantages your skin will experience from using a Queen Bee Solid Hand Cream Bars properly.


The science behind the bar

It’s worth exploring the ingredients in a Queen Bee Solid Hand Cream Bar, to help build an understanding of how to apply its contents effectively.

As with other items in our range of hand cream bars, it’s a carefully formulated blend of ingredients which in solid form have greater potential to provide instant results.

One of the ‘secrets of success’ is a healthy amount of Theobroma Cacao, more commonly known as cocoa butter.

Its superb moisturising and antioxidant properties provide great relief for sensitive skin.

The bars are also blended with Cocos Nucifera (coconut oil) which is an excellent source of skin-conditioning fatty acids and nutrients, to soften and replenish hands.

Also in the prestigious ingredients list is Cera Alba, which is referred to as beeswax. This antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial natural component helps lock moisture back into the skin on your hands.


The best way to use hand cream bars

So, with all these wonderful healing ingredients, mixed with luxurious and beautifully balanced essential oils, what is the best way to use Queen Bee Solid Hand Cream Bars?

You simply apply this rich hand cream by gliding the bar gently across your skin, which creates an even effect.

Or, you can focus the way you apply the soothing ingredients by gently passing the bar across areas of rough, cracked or flaking skin, such as your knuckles or the side of your hands.

As this product is so luxurious and creamy, you don’t need to apply much pressure to transfer its wonderful components to your epidermis. This avoids the need to drag your skin or rub it vigorously.

This can be particularly reassuring and enjoyable if you have particularly sore or sensitive hands.

Then simply pop you solid hand cream bar back in the tin and massage into your hands until all the cream is absorbed.

The presence of that beeswax in Queen Bee Solid Hand Cream Bars seals in the moisture, in a way that liquid alternatives can’t replicate.

Keep in mind too, that as the restorative values are in a concentrated bar form, there is absolutely no liquid carriers, fillers, additives or chemical enhancements.

The bars are packed with genuinely beneficial ingredients, including sources of fragrance that soothe rather than irritate.

Gently passing the bar across your skin means no spills, mess or over-application either! Just the right amount of nourishment and hydration.


More benefits of hand cream bars

Knowing how to use Queen Bee Solid Hand Cream Bars, to release all their restorative and healing ingredients, is also a great way to make them a ‘solid’ investment in skin health.

By gently passing the bar across your hands you make your purchase last longer. Not just because you avoid spillage, but also because you only need a thin layer of Queen Bee Solid Hand Cream Bars to create a lasting and noticeable effect.

Also, those rich moisturising agents and nutrients will carry on boosting and protecting your skin health throughout the day, making it less likely that you will need to reapply hand cream as often.

Beeswax even increases the chances of you being able to wash your hands without losing the beneficial effects of Queen Bee Solid Hand Cream Bars!

All of which makes it very wise to ‘get your hands on one’ if you suffer from persistently dry, cracked or sore hands.