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Natural facial care routine for spring

If you are looking for a 100% natural spring facial care routine, this is the post for you!

Our morning and night facial care routines are two of our most intrinsic daily rituals. The essential nature of caring for our skin makes it all the more important to use the best quality products. We need skincare that will lather us with vitamins and goodness, each morning and night. Therefore, we have created a natural and sustainable four-step facial care routine, for all skin-types, from day to night! It is packed with the most aromatic essential oils, and it is packaged with the most environmentally-conscious ethos in mind.

Oil Cleanser: Virgin Organic Hemp Seed Oil Super Cleanser

Firstly, to cleanse away pollutants from your skin’s sensitive surface, our virgin organic Hemp Seed Oil Super Cleanser is the perfect way to rejuvenate.

Handmade in Scotland, this super cleanser combines a fantastic selection of the most nourishing and detoxifying essential oils. Ingredients include rosewood, rosemary, and red mandarin essential oils, which are tissue-regenerating, cell-protecting, and skin-brightening.

Ultimately, the Hemp Seed Oil Super Cleanser will give you the dreamiest and most aromatic cleansing experience, all packaged up in a sustainable glass bottle. The perfect addition to your bathroom apothecary!

Face Wash: Solid Soap Bars

One of the key features of sustainability is the capability for versatility. As a result, not only are our luxury cold processed soap bars perfect for all-over body usage, they are also so natural and nourishing that they can be used as part of your facial care routine!

Our soap bars are 100% natural, using sustainably sourced natural ingredients to ensure ultra-soothing and anti-bacterial cleansing. Bringing spa-like luxury to your daily cleansing ritual, each soap bar combines a delicious multitude of essential oils to soothe your skin. Plus, each soap bar comes in an eco-friendly canvas bag, preventing the usage of unsustainable plastics.

To use our solid soap bars, simply warm up the soap under a small stream of water and then you will be able to massage a luxurious lather over your skin. You will feel completely cleansed, moisturised, and pampered.

Face Serum: Symmetry Face Serum

Best Anti Ageing Serum by The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company
Anti Ageing Face Serum

Our rich golden Symmetry Face Serum is the natural way to soothe, moisturise, and replenish your skin after cleansing away unwanted toxins.

Its soothing ingredients include rose geranium oil, jasmine, and bay laurel. These combine to balance the skin’s natural oil production, help fade blemishes, prevent inflammation, and promote radiant skin.

To use the serum, apply one or two drops to the tips of your fingers and then gently massage it into the skin, to brighten, enrich, and heal.

Face Cream: Symmetry Face Cream, and the Ultra Rich Day and Night Creams

We have created a fabulous array of natural, planet-friendly and luxuriously nourishing face creams. Each cream is packaged in a chic minimalist glass jar, perfect for upcycling, repurposing, or simply recycling.

Each cream is 100% natural, and they all combine a wonderful selection of essential oils. Their virgin organic unrefined Shea Butter, Coconut oil, and Pure Beeswax bases allow for a sumptuously aromatic and deeply moisturising effect. The high concentrations of natural vitamins and fatty acids in the Shea Butter, and the skin-protecting barrier formed by Beeswax, aid the protection, rejuvenation, and nourishment of your skin.

Ultra Rich Anti-Ageing Night Cream and Day Cream

Firstly, Symmetry Cream blends walnut oil, blackcurrant seed oil, and virgin organic hemp oil to treat dryness, wrinkles, and soothe inflammation. Secondly, the Ultra Rich Anti-Ageing Day Cream combines a nourishing base of Beeswax and Avocado Butter to help lock in moisture, and the Sicilian Bergamot works as a natural cleanser. Finally, the Rosewood and Basil essential oils in the Ultra Rich Anti-Ageing Night Cream are combined to aid tissue-regeneration, with Vitamin C boosting skin cell metabolism and aiding collagen production.

Which facial care step is your favourite? Let us know in the comments or on our social pages!

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