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New Beauty Routine Ideas

Every day is an opportunity for a new start. That includes giving your beauty habits – and your product choices – a thorough overhaul! Change can be good when a new beauty routine brings improvements to your health and appearance.

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, and keep buying the same items, without stopping to consider ‘is it time for a new beauty routine?’.

Regularly updating and refreshing the way you take care of your skin and hair can be important. Particularly as some products may be suppressing your natural luminosity and robbing you of valuable nutrients that bolster health and vitality.

In fact, some bargain beauty products are packed with artificial ingredients that can create an adverse reaction if they are used constantly for a long time.

It could be time to invest in some quality natural products, as part of a much-deserved new beauty routine.

Changing to the best that nature offers

Switching to 100% natural products could result in substantial improvements to the feel and appearance of your skin and hair. Not least as nature’s delicate balance will be restored, by using entirely pure products based on cruelty-free, botanical riches.

However, where do you start in overhauling your beauty care behaviours?

It all depends on the thing that you’re most concerned about. Make changes there and transition to better quality and assured products, then measure the improvements to give you the confidence to keep trying new options.

For example, we are focusing on two of the most common ‘problem’ areas which could warrant a new beauty routine. These are: fighting the signs of age on facial skin; and keeping hands healthy when constantly in contact with harsh chemicals (like antiseptic gel).

Age-defying beauty regime

The Edinburgh Natural Skincare company is often approached about products that can help combat the effects of ageing on the skin.

Which is why we launched the Symmetry Scent & Natural Anti-Ageing Gift Set. It includes our two bestselling skincare products to smooth and bolster your facial epidermis.

These are the Symmetry Anti-Ageing day cream – a deeply nourishing and hydrating formal to combat dryness and loss of elasticity – and our Symmetry Anti-Ageing serum – a skin treatment for all types, which effortlessly restores elasticity and hydration.

The additional of Symmetry vegan solid perfume makes this a brilliant pamper present for yourself or the perfect gift for a relative or friend.

If you’re introducing a new beauty regime to improve facial appearance and vitality, don’t forget your lips!

Symmetry lip balm has been carefully formulated from natural ingredients such as Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Almond oil, to plump and firm your lip skin.

All these products use our carefully blended symmetry oil formula; the best of nature for a noticeable improvement.

Your new beauty routine idea would begin the day with luxurious Symmetry anti-Ageing day cream and a few drops of the serum, then a few drops more of the serum at night time. The balm can be used throughout the day for soft, sensuous lips.

Focus on hand care

Our hands come in for quite a battering these days – including the drying effect of constant washing and the impact of antiseptic gels. It’s also a part of the human body that’s always exposed to the environment and prone to wrinkles and other skin changes.

How often do you find yourself looking at someone’s hands, especially if they move them around while speaking? It’s sensible then, to regularly review hand care and to introduce a new beauty regime.

This can start with simply using a soap and hand creams that are kind, and created to restore and boost natural skin health.

We have bundled together two gentle products for hands, for anyone looking for sustainable beauty care options that bring lasting benefits.

Buying our Luxury No.1 cold-pressed soap and solid hand cream bar in combination gives you the ideal solution. You can create clean, refreshed skin, then use the cream to soften and hydrate your hands. This also helps to protect your skin’s resilience during the day.

They are even pampered products suitable for anyone with eczema or other dry skin conditions.

Changing your beauty routine for all your senses

As these two examples show, it can make your skin feel and look much better to freshen up your beauty regime, by changing to pure and natural products.

Your nose will thank you too! That’s because the products mentioned in this article all smell incredible, leaving a natural and enticing aroma on your face and hands that lingers for a long time.

They say a change can be as good as a rest.

Is it time for you to treat yourself to a new beauty routine, to boost tired skin?