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Pepperminted Chunky Shampoo Bar



The Pepperminted Chunky Shampoo Bar.

Best Hair Repair Treatment for Damaged Hair: It’s solid, it’s chunky, it’s Pepperminted!

After the success of The Lemonazing it seemed natural to introduce “The Pepperminted”!

Shampoo’s, synthetic or 100% natural, which would you rather have?

It was an easy question for us to answer. Not only do we prefer 100% natural, we also don’t like the idea of single use plastic bottles which mass produced Shampoo’s invariably arrive in. Where do they go when they’re of no further use? Are they recycled? Maybe. Packaging is important to us and to our customers. That’s partly the reason they choose us over mass produced products.

The Pepperminted Chunky Shampoo Bar is a little masterpiece formulated with Coconut Oil, virgin organic unrefined Shea Butter, cold pressed virgin Olive Oil and virgin organic Argan oil. The scent we chose was Peppermint essential oil for a zingy refreshing, waken up wash.

Do we put it in a plastic container? Absolutely not! It arrives in a perfectly proportioned canvas bag which allows you to carry it around. When it’s finished, the bag can be recycled easily.

It’s one of the best hair repair treatments for damaged hair and is kind to the environment too.

No artificial colourings, preservatives or fragrance oils.

100% Natural. Hand made in Scotland.


Definitely not tested on animals.


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