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Luxury No 1 Gift Box (Small)


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The Luxury No. 1 Gift Box (Small)
Scottish Gift Ideas

Our skincare gift sets are the perfect Scottish Gift. Why? They’re handmade in Scotland, 100% natural and also free of any synthetic ingredients!

The Luxury No. 1 small gift box contains a Luxury No. 1 solid hand cream bar, formulated using pure Beeswax, Cocoa Butter and Coconut oil which is then scented with our famous Luxury No.1 essential oils blend for a truly sophisticated scent sensation on the skin. Our hand cream bars can be carried on flights as they’re solid and beat the “No liquids ban” on flights. Very worth knowing!

Everyone needs a good lip balm. Especially one free of any artificial ingredients. Our luxury lip balm is a simple concoction of golden Beeswax, to protect the lips, Cocoa Butter, which is a richly nourishing oil, Coconut oil, which adds a lovely soft texture to the balm and finally, Rose Geranium and Sweet Orange essential oils for an exotically delicious scent. We actually call this “The very, very best lip balm in the entire world!”

No artificial colourings, preservatives or fragrance oils.
100% Natural. Hand made in Scotland.
Definitely not tested on animals

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