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Queen Bee Gift Box Competition!

If you are following our Instagram you will know about our 2021 Queen Bee Gift Box competition! For those who don’t know, head over to @edinburghnaturalskincare to enter!

Queen Bee Gift Box

The Queen Bee Gift Box is the perfect treat for any citrus lover. From the sweet orange lip balm to the lemongrass soap, if you love zesty scents then this is the box for you! So, what is inside?

Queen Bee Solid Hand Cream

natural hand cream queen bee solid bar
natural hand cream queen bee solid bar

Firstly, the Queen Bee Gift Box contains one of our famous sustainable solid hand cream bars. The Queen Bee hand cream deliciously combines sweet orange and lime in perfect citrus harmony. The bar is formulated using only pure beeswax, cocoa butter, coconut oil, and our St Clement’s essential oil blend. Whilst the concentration of cocoa butter provides powerful nourishment to the skin, the essential oils contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, therefore soothing and firming the skin’s surface.

To use the hand cream, take the bar out of the tin and warm it between your hands. Then massage the bar across your palms before rubbing your hands together to spread the creamy nourishment. For a hand cream bar demonstration, head over to our Instagram!

St Clement’s Soap

Our St Clement’s soap harmoniously marries the sweet scents of orange and lemongrass. Being anhydrous the St Clement’s soap is long-lasting, and its 100% natural ingredients provide the perfect gentle cleanse.

To use, remove the soap from its canvas bag and take a moment to indulge in the sumptuous summery fragrance.  Hold the bar under warm water and then massage the bar between your hands to create a lather. Then apply the lather to your skin, enjoying the subtle citrus scent and the deeply moisturising cleanse.

St Clement’s Whipped Body Butter

Natural And Organic Skincare St Clements Whipped Body Butter
Natural And Organic Skincare St Clements Whipped Body Butter

Our St Clement’s whipped body butter is the best way to end your day. It nourishes the body with its virgin organic Shea Butter and natural coconut oil blend, and the mixture of its essential oils makes the most calming aroma. The combination of its natural ingredients – including beeswax, frankincense, and myrrh – helps lock moisture into your skin whilst promoting skin elasticity and aiding skin healing. As the cherry on the cake, our whipped body butter is packaged in a gorgeous glass jar, helping you reduce your plastic-consumption. Overall, our aromatic St Clement’s body butter provides the perfect spa-like experience.

Luxury Lip Balm

Natural Lip BalmFinally, our geranium and sweet orange lip balm is perfect for keeping your lips soft and nourished. We combine 100% natural ingredients to condition and protect delicate skin. The balm contains no artificial colours or preservatives, and it isn’t tested on animals. By utilising cocoa butter the luxury balm protects lips from environmental changes and UV damage, and the sweet orange essential oil is anti-inflammatory and anti-septic for optimum lip health.

What is your favourite item in the Queen Bee Gift Box? Let us know on our social pages!

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