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Six tips for an environmentally friendly haircare routine

How much shampoo and conditioner do you think goes down the plughole on a daily basis? I can tell you, it’s a whopping £1.72 billion industry in Britain and the source of massive waste. Which is why we want to show you how to achieve a healthy shine and resilience, with environmentally aware hair care products.

Finding eco-friendly products to use in the bathroom is important to increasing numbers of people. The first step is often to find options that use little or no plastic in packaging – such as returning to using soap bars rather than liquids and using solid hand creams in sustainable containers.

However, how can you make your hair care products greener, protecting the planet while still getting all the benefits of hair that looks and feels amazing?

Best brand for sustainable skin and hair products


Look no further than the all-natural, cruelty-free range we sell. Buying pure, organic beauty treatments from us automatically assures you that you’re getting sustainable and environmentally aware ingredients. That applies right across our quality-assured supply chain.

It’s worth exploring that in more detail though if you want to minimise the environmental impact of your daily ablutions. So, here are six tips for creating an eco-conscious hair care routine.

1. Use environmentally sustainable products

Our product development and manufacturing methods pivot on sourcing eco-sustainable ingredients.

Much of what we blend together from the ‘Garden of Scotland’ of course, meaning it’s locally sourced and reduces our carbon footprint. However, everything – down to the smallest component – is checked for its environmental credentials. A prime example is that we only use palm oil harvested from verifiably sustainable operations.

2. Use natural ingredients, avoiding those harsh chemicals

Some hair care products boast that they contain carefully sourced ingredients. However, alongside reassuring phrases such as ‘coconut butter’ and ‘essential oils’, you will also find some dubious fillers and additives.

Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company is 100% committed to using only natural ingredients, with no harsh chemicals or unnecessary ingredients to bulk out and cheapen the substance. Oh, and of course nothing is tested on animals too!

3. Upcycle your hair product containers

Some hair care products do need to be in a reasonably robust container of course. We have even worked hard to help you avoid adding to landfill and increasing your carbon footprint with our packaging.

This includes the smart tin that holds our Wild Thing Natural Hair Conditioner. It’s ideal to hold all manner of bits and bobs in the future! You could even upcycle the packaging of our sustainable hair care products.

4. Buy packaging-free products

It is possible to find some totally guilt-free hair care products, packaged in the ultimate environmental solution.

For example, our delicious smelling chunky shampoo bars come in handy sustainably sourced bags. These can be used for a multitude of future purposes.

No more plastic bottles constantly being added to landfill!

5. Multipurpose products

Another helpful environmentally sound hair care tip from the consciousness team at Edinburgh Natural Skincare is that some of your products can double up! This also helps make our high quality, pure items even better value for money.

For example, you don’t need to buy a hair treatment mask and a conditioner, when you opt for our super nourishing and hydrating Wild Thing Natural Hair Conditioner. This is a pre-shampoo treatment that can be applied to deeply nourish and add extra natural shine to dry or damaged hair.

6. Being mindful of your consumption

Having worked so hard to offer our customers pure, organic, cruelty-free and sustainable beauty products, the next one is on you!

The last tip for environmentally hair care is to go easy on the quantities of product you use. Fortunately, the ingredients in our range are so opulent and powerful, a little goes a long way and you can still achieve lasting results.

Using less hair care products is better for the planet and better value for you too!

Hair today, for all tomorrows

Finding hair care products in environmentally friendly containers – and made from sustainable components – could make you wonder, do they actually work?

The best way we can prove that is to invite you to try them. As they are handcrafted in our own workshops, with nasties ‘cut out’, using ingredients we have ‘combed through’ with infinite care, we are ‘bristling’ with pride in how many customers are loyal to our environmentally friendly haircare range.