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Vegan gift ideas for him and her

Finding a unique gift for a man, or a special present for a woman, becomes easier when you discover where to buy natural beauty products online. Edinburgh Natural Skincare also has the perfect answer to gift ideas for someone who is a vegan.

This guide to the best vegan gifts for all ages will also provide tips on beautifully presented items to give to anyone who cares about the planet, as well as their own health and wellbeing.

In fact, it’s not just online vegan birthday, anniversary and Christmas present ideas. Why not treat yourself to a vegan pamper product!

Edinburgh Natural Skincare company make it simple to find memorable gifts, because all our carefully formulated items are made from pure, sustainable ingredients. You will also see our eco-friendly credentials clearly displayed in the way we package our gift items. That includes selling shampoo and hand cream bars that make it possible to buy skin and hair products with no plastic containers.

Many of our luxurious and incredibly helpful skincare items are ideal for the growing numbers of vegans in the UK because we are a company 100% committed to not testing on animals throughout our supply chain.

We also use nature’s bountiful and beneficial botanical ingredients, so no animal by-products find their way into our vegan-friendly gift range.

First, let’s look at the best vegan beauty gifts for women.

Vegan gifts for her

All of your female friends and relatives – and particularly vegans – will be delighted to receive our Virgin Organic Hemp Seed Oil Super Cleanser. It’s beautifully presented in a glass vial, and it manages to combine luxury with everyday benefits. This vegan skincare product thoroughly removes toxins and contaminates from the skin’s surface, and also from pores. Yet it is gentle and kind, and leaves skin feeling and looking wonderful, thanks to fragrant natural oils.

Talking of wonderful aromas, one of the best gifts for vegan women is any of our fabulous solid perfumes with their delicate, long-lasting fragrance. These vegan beauty products are absorbed quickly, contain no artificial oils, colouring, or preservatives, and encapsulate some of nature’s most glorious scents.

solid perfumes

They are also a great way to apply just the right amount of perfume to match personal preference. Their easily controllable application and the fact they make no mess are just two of the benefits of using solid perfume. They are also brilliant travel gifts for vegans, as they are perfume for inflight hand luggage or to transport safely in backpacks.

Non-gender specific vegan gifts

Many of our all-natural and pure products are not gender-specific. So, they can be used to bring a smile to the face of anyone living a vegan lifestyle.

For example, a universal gift for vegans would be luxury bathing salts for superlative ‘me time’. The range offers him and her vegan gifts that have a calming, soothing effect, on both your skin and sense of smell. What a great way to unwind and destress!

Bath Salts and Oils

These mineral bathing sensations are so natural and kind, that they are a great gift to make children’s baths more beneficial too. Making them a vegan family gift idea.

Vegan gifts for him

However, if you want a specific present for a vegan man, our Gentlemen’s Daily Moisturising Face Serum is always well received.

It’s a blend of pure botanical ingredients that’s perfectly balanced to interact with male skin. That means the vegan man in your life could enjoy revitalised and strengthened facial skin, even if they have razor rash or some other issue with dryness or flakiness.

Not that this moisturiser for men who are vegans is all about being tough on damage. It also hydrates and nourishes male facial skin, to protect it from the environment and the effects of ageing.

The best vegan beauty products online

Finding natural vegan-friendly gifts for women and men certainly doesn’t have to mean compromising on quality, presentation or a joyous response from the recipient.

Our range of luxury gifts for vegans is growing all the time, as we respond to customer ideas and requests, and continue to develop skin and hair care solutions inspired by nature.