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Vegan Skincare Tips And Tricks

Each year millions of people take the pledge in January (Veganuary!) to go vegan with their diet and lifestyles – and yes, that includes skincare! 

We have a dedicated range of 100% natural, vegan skincare products, including natural moisturisers, organic cleansers, and cruelty-free solid perfumes. But don’t forget that all of our products are made using the finest plant-based ingredients and are never (and we mean ever) tested on animals. The benefits of switching to a vegan lifestyle, even just for one month, are endless.  Here are some things to remember this Veganuary.

Your skin will thank you!

There has been extensive research into the effects of leaving dairy out of your diet. The research found a huge link between dairy product consumption and acne. Turns out, ditching the milk and cheese is beneficial to those with spot-prone skin! And if you want an extra kick to leave you with smooth, healthy skin, take a look at our St Clement’s Cold Processed Soap.

Vegan Cold Pressed Soaps

More greens + more antioxidants = happy, glowing body and skin. 

As you’ll be cutting out meat and dairy products, you’ll need to replace them with equally nutritious things in your diet when taking into consideration your vegan skincare. Leafy greens, fruits, nuts, and flax are packed full of goodness like antioxidant vitamins and minerals. Your plant-based diet will not only have good knock-on effects on your skin but how your body works, too. As it’s lower in salt and contains less processed ingredients, your cardiovascular system will improve, as well as your chances of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes! 

Some pretty good pH-antastic pH-balancing benefits.

Eating clean, plant-based food groups like greens are usually more alkaline than meats and eggs. Consuming them can balance your body’s all-important pH balance and support the health of your skin and even your hair from the inside out.

Don’t overlook those omegas!

To keep not just your skin, but nails healthy, you’ll need a good balance of Omega-3&6 and calcium. These are usually found in oily fish and dairy products but can also can be found in some plant-based foods. You can keep your skin feeling supported throughout Veganuary with omega-rich facial oils and beauty products like our Symmetry Anti Ageing Face Serum. It’s full of vitamins like B, B1, B2, E, antioxidants as well as Omega-3, Omega-6. All good stuff when you’re doing vegan skincare! 

Vegan Skincare Essentials

Sustainability is just as important.

You may not think it, but sustainability is a huge part of being vegan. Nearly 70% of the industry’s waste is from packaging alone. We care about not our products but how they get to you. That’s why all our packaging is eco-friendly and renewable! Most companies rely on rigid single use plastics. You won’t find that with us.

It’s the little things! 

Making the change doesn’t have to be drastic and made overnight. Making small changes every day will make more of a difference than you think. It doesn’t mean you need to throw all of your current products out – that would be causing more waste! Starting with small things like using our Luxury Solid Perfumes or maybe our Wild Thing Natural Hair Conditioner to save on plastic packaging means you’re taking the right steps.

We hope these tips help you and you have a very happy Veganuary from the Edinburgh Natural Skincare Team! If you have any pictures of your vegan skincare you want to share, be sure to tag us on Instagram!