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What is Cocos nucifera?

Cocos Nucifera

Skin and hair health can be superbly supported by using many centuries’ worth of wisdom and the finest botanicals. One of the best elements of nature’s bounty is Cocos Nucifera. So, let’s explore what Cocos nucifera is.

There has been much written on the potency and multiple applications of coconut oil. Which is also referred to as Cocos Nucifera!

Why Cocos nucifera? It’s a name that originates from 16th-century Portuguese and is based on the word for ‘grimace’. That’s because the three holes on a coconut shell appeared like an angry face!

In botanical terms, coconuts are classified as a ‘fibrous one-seeded drupe’ which is a category of stoned fruit that includes plums and olives. However, they tend to be commonly referenced as a fruit, a nut or even a seed! Whatever the term used, coconuts grow on a type of broadleaf evergreen palm tree that is highly resilient.

Here’s an interesting fact about coconuts. They have been known to hold their integrity for up to 120 days in seawater, and then still manage to germinate when they are washed ashore!

All elements of coconut palms can be repurposed including the trunks (construction), fronds (weaving) and sap (palm sugar). For us though, the primary question – ‘What is Cocos Nucifera?’ – is connected to how coconut oil is produced.

Cocos nucifera oil

Coconuts have been valued as an important source of nutrition and hydration for many hundreds of years. Particularly the part of a coconut that contains a concentration of fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants. All of this glorious abundance is packed into a coconut’s rich white lining – the part that is also delicious to eat. It is sometimes called the coconut ‘meat’ and it is the source of coconut or Coco Nucifera oil.

When the white lining is carefully processed and pressed, it produces a substance that offers a myriad of different purposes, many of which are connected to good health. For example, this oil is an incredibly pure moisturiser, rehydrating hair and skin without being oily or dense. It is also an excellent cleanser, taking away microscopic pollutants and leaving behind a layer of beneficial elements.

The high nutritional values of this light, moisturising oil have been found to boost skin elasticity, protecting it against ageing and the development of wrinkles and lines. One of the main reasons it is so valuable as an ingredient in the best skincare products.

Are all Cocos nucifera by-products the same?

There is an important consideration when reviewing what Cocos nucifera is. As with any substance extracted from botanical sources, not all the by-products are created equal!

It is vital to only use quality coconut palms, cultivated with care in the right conditions. This stewardship not only ensures the finest results, but it also safeguards important environmental considerations. These are all part of The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Co’s stance on ethical business practices, social responsibility and sustainability.

The way coconuts are processed to produce Cocos Nucifera or coconut oil is also carefully checked by our suppliers. This too ensures that we receive the purest of ingredients, consistently, and at a price that keeps our products affordable.

Using Cocos nucifera in beauty products

The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Co’s innovative research and development team have perfected ways to use Cocos Nucifera to optimise its many incredible values and components.

It is often carefully blended with other, complementary ingredients used to produce pure and natural skincare products. This is where a well-researched, tried and tested balance is needed.

For example, soap bars that use both shea butter and Cocos Nucifera to get just the right combination of moisturising powers, while still leaving skin feeling fresh, clean and aromatic.

Or, our delicious smelling Luxury Hand Cream Bars, which incorporate coconut oil to optimise the quick absorption and skin-nourishing features of Cocos Nucifera.

Did you know that you can also use coconut oil on your hair, to achieve incredible improvements in its appearance, feel and general softness to the touch (link to other blog on coconut oil for hair)?

So, perhaps the best answer to the question ‘What is Cocos Nucifera?’, is that it’s one of your ‘best go-to’ ingredients if you want vibrant and healthy skin and hair.