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What is Cold Processed Soap?

The art of soap-making dates back long before commercial machinery was used. Now, it’s easy to ‘slip’ into using mass-produced bars without a second thought. However, we highly recommend cold processed soap, and this is why.

It is a daily staple that we take for granted. However, the make-up of the soap product you’re currently using will be playing a key role in the appearance, feel and long term health of your skin. Particularly the more delicate skin on your face of course, which is already constantly bombarded by weather, pollution, and chemicals.

Looking inside your soap of choice could be a great idea. However, how it’s made is almost as significant as what it is made of!

Is it time you switched to a cruelty-free cleansing product, made only from nature’s finest ingredients? We are not talking about over-packaging potions and lotions to keep skin clean. A bar of soap can cleanse brilliantly. As long as it’s the right bar of soap, leaving your skin fresh, revitalised, and properly hydrated.

Which is why we offer you a way to buy luxury cold processed soap, lovingly crafted from quality botanical ingredients.

What is cold processed soap?

What does it mean when soap bars are ‘cold processed’, and how is it different from other types of soap?

One of the two main ways of moulding soap into blocks is using a hot process, heating the blended ingredients from an outside source.

At the Edinburgh Natural Skincare company, we favour cold processed soaps. This is when the beautifully balanced oils and botanicals are merged into a solid form by heating gently from the inside using only a natural chain reaction.

In other words, we add specific pure ingredients that create graduation heat release due to their interaction – it’s a scientific process called Saponification. To get scientific, it is the conversion of oil or lipid into soap by the heat created by adding aqueous alkali (such as NaOH).

All very technical, but it ‘boils down’ to a wonderfully organic method.

It can take around 24 hours for natural soap blends to saponify in their moulds. Then, those large blocks will need a further 24 hours to become dry enough to be cut into individual cold processed soap bars.

That is far from the end of this wonderful, time-honoured soap making art. The bars need a further 4-6 weeks to ‘cure’. This is when additional moisture evaporates, the oil breaks down further to realise its full potential, and the bars solidify enough to be handled.

Five benefits of cold processed soap

Why do we use this natural soap manufacturing method?

  1. Locking in the benefits – it takes a careful balance of ingredients and sufficient time for this natural chain reaction to happen. However, it’s the best way to encapsulate all the nutrients and the luxurious richness that we aim for in our unique formulas.
  2. Avoids ‘cooking’ the ingredients – the alternative, heating from the outside in using artificial means, could change the integrity and value of some of our more delicate natural components, such as the honey, flower oils and opulent butters we stir in.
  3. Creates a perfect soap – the curing time is crucial. We want your soap bars to be just the right level of firmness to generate that sensual, rich lather, without melting away too rapidly.
  4. Crafts a rich, creamy soap bar that’s a pleasure to use – with plant oils and butters intact, the lather can go to work nourishing and hydrating your skin. It also feels amazing when you soap up in the bath, shower or as part of your daily skincare routine with pure products!
  5. Locks in aroma and colour – cold processed soap bars made using an orchestra of fabulous fragrances also benefit from having a more intense smell. Using a natural soap making art also maintains the colour better, to create a lovely looking bar of soap!

Does the soap you buy matter?

The soap you choose is about more than getting clean. You should also enjoy having soft, healthy and sumptuous smelling skin.

If ever you have wondered ‘do bars of soap dry out your skin’, or ‘is liquid soap better for your skin than solid soap’, then you have a few clues in this article to help you answer those questions.

Pure soap bars are brilliant at cleansing but also add long-lasting benefits, including locked-in moisture and aroma. As long as you choose a cold processed soap from Edinburgh Natural Skincare’s range of single bars, bundles or wonderful gift boxes.