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What is Shea Butter good for?

Shea butter is one of the most widely used ingredients in modern skin care products – both mass-produced items and products formulated using only the highest quality natural components. There is a good reason for that. Shea butter offers important benefits when applied to the skin, something that has been understood for hundreds of years!

Which is why we are here to explain what Shea Butter is and what it is good for:

How is shea butter produced?

On the surface, this may not sound that appealing, but this much-respected beauty product ingredient is a type of nut fat!

It is extracted from shea tree kernels, which are found mostly in Africa. In its unrefined form, it is ivory or off-white in colour. With care in its processing, it can retain around 95% of its nutrients.

We all know how good nuts are for our bodies, right? Well, the ‘butter’ from shea nuts is packed with important vitamins, as well as fatty acids.

What makes it extra special though, is that this nut butter forms a consistency ideal for applying to the skin. It becomes soft enough to spread easily but solid enough to hold its integrity in the mixing process.

Is Shea butter good for all skin types?

This last point is important, as using quality shea nuts – expertly processed – produces an ingredient that works brilliantly when evenly applied, with the aim of smoothing and nourishing the skin.

As centuries of use have proven, it is safe to use in skincare products, with no nasty side effects! That makes Shea butter equally beneficial for all skin types.

In fact, it can be wonderfully soothing for problem skin and some common conditions. This includes everything from acne to sunburn.

Word of caution though, please read the section below on validating shea butter skincare products!

More on benefits of shea butter

Let’s explore the advantages of adding shea butter into skincare products in more depth.

The moisturising values of shea butter come from its quality fatty acid content. This nutrient-rich ‘oil’ (in a highly spreadable form) is absorbed rapidly, restoring lipids which are the building blocks of healthy skin. It also boosts skin elasticity. The result is a smoother, healthier surface with no oily residue.

Shea butter is also brilliant at ‘locking in’ this moisture, storing it to help your skin cells combat environmental factors for many hours afterwards.

The chemical components of shea butter boost skin health in other ways too, including acting as a natural anti-inflammatory. Its density of vitamins A and E also makes it a strong antioxidant, reviving tired skin cells and helping them do their jobs better. So, shea butter promotes your ability to create collagen, the protein that gives skin its structure and suppleness.

This all makes shea butter a top ingredient to look for when seeking anti-ageing skincare products or a solution for dull-looking, thin or lined skin.

Shea butter claims

You will see shea butter in marketing claims and ingredient lists for many beauty products. However, not all of them maximise on its valuable skincare benefits.

This is not just about sourcing quality suppliers, but also what else they put into their formulas! Mixing shea butter with cheap, synthetic substances is common.

Products like this can be too harsh for many skin types and can leave residues that cause as many problems as they solve!

To authentically enjoy shea butter’s effect on your skin, the rest of the product’s ingredients need to be equally well selected, pure and natural.

A great example of shea butter in action

The perfect illustration of these benefits is our Luxury No. 1 Whipped Body Butter. As you would expect from an organisation as respected and careful as The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company, shea butter sits alongside only other pure ingredients.

No cheap nasties or gunks artificially created in labs!

Instead, virgin organic shea butter is part of a precise orchestration of nature’s finest healers, moisturises and soothers. This includes a balanced amount of beneficial coconut oil, lime oil, myrrh, frankincense and lavender.

These work in perfect harmony to moisturise and encourage cell regeneration and collagen production.

The results from using Luxury No. 1 Whipped Body Butter include deliciously soft and clearly healthy-looking skin.

It will also smell great! That’s because this popular product has a wonderful blend of aromas from lime, clove, sweet orange, lavender, rose geranium, frankincense and myrrh.

Why not try shea butter benefits for yourself, to see how well-nourished and moisturised your skin is. All thanks to this simple but stunning skincare ingredient from Mother Nature.


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