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Why Is My Skincare Not Working?


It might feel like you’ve been slathering on your skincare products for a while now, and you’re looking in the mirror thinking this just isn’t working. Maybe you can’t tell any difference in your face just yet, or you’re experiencing another bout of breakouts, or even worse, you’re getting adverse effects from your skincare. But fear not, we’re here to help with a few pointers, tips and explanations as to why your skincare might not be doing what you’re expecting just yet.

Are you keeping it simple?

A lot of people think “the more, the better”, and it’s easy to see why. There are so many products on the market with so many unique uses, as well as beauty gurus and influencers boasting massive collections of lotions and potions.

But your routine doesn’t have to, and shouldn’t be, too complicated or feature too many steps. Your basic steps should be: cleanse with a cleanser, moisturise, and then use an SPF. Find a natural, fragrance-free cleanser you can trust, such as our Virgin Organic Hemp Seed Oil Super Cleanser, and then moisten and nourish your face with a rich, absorbent moisturiser such as our Symmetry Anti-Ageing Face Cream before applying suncream or another form of SPF.

Allow this simple regime to take effect for a full skin cycle, which lasts about twenty-eight days, before adding in additional products and building to achieve whatever skin goals you’re aiming for.

Have you waited long enough for the skincare to work?

It might seem like a long time, but as previously mentioned, skin takes twenty-eight days to regenerate and begin another cycle. This is why if you’re prone to acne or have suffered from it in the past, you probably notice that you tend to have breakouts around the same time every four weeks.

Set yourself a twenty-eight day period and pay attention to how your skin changes over that time. Maybe keep a day-to-day log so you can identify how the products are changing your skin. If it gets worse or has little to no improvement, then perhaps…

Are you using the wrong skincare products?

Obviously, most products are formulated for specific skin types. Some are specifically tailored to dry skin, others are for oily skin, others for skin that’s highly sensitive. This can be difficult to identify on your own face – what if your skin is dry in winter but excessively oily in the summer? Will combination-orientated products have the same effect on my face as the others?

Keeping it simple for you, most of Edinburgh Natural Skincare’s products are tailored to all skin types, including our Symmetry Anti-Ageing Serum. This unique serum has been created specifically to be kind to even the most sensitive skin.

Are you keeping habits that stop the skincare working?

Skincare goes beyond just the products you put on your face, and this is something that people often overlook. Your surroundings, diet, hygiene and habits can all cause imperfections in your appearance. An obvious one is avoiding contact between your face and hands. But also keeping your hands clean can help go a long way. Also, make sure you’re washing your hands with the same care that you’re putting into the rest of your skin! Consider a natural soap like our Luxury No.1 Cold Processed Soap to assure there’s no nasty residue left on your hands. When cleaning your hands, pay special attention to under your nails. It sounds silly, but studies show that is often the area most ignored by us!

We all deserve to treat ourselves. So breaking a healthy diet is completely normal and won’t destroy your skin if it’s kept to a minimum. When the takeaways are on offer, however, make sure you’re washing your hands and avoiding letting any of that greasy goodness go anywhere near your face. Beyond your mouth, of course!

How are you applying your products?

When we apply makeup, we use brushes. When we wash our bodies, we use loofahs. Yet when we wash our face, we use our hands. How does this make sense?

It doesn’t really add up. A clean, non-absorbent sponge that you would normally use to apply makeup works perfectly to allow you to blend your lotions into the skin. It helps you use less of the product, too, and avoids hand-to-face contact as previously described above!

It might take a little while or a little bit of simplifying or trying out some new products from our range of natural skincare, but we can guarantee you that you will eventually see changes to your skin. It’ll never happen overnight, good things rarely do. But with a bit of work, love and attention, your face will be radiant and glowing in no time!