The best skincare gifts for men

Some outstanding skin and hair products are non-gender specific and others are formulated especially for men to deal with the complexities of men's skincare. In this article, we share our best skincare gifts for men.

What are the best skincare gifts for men?

Whether it's a family member, a partner, or a good friend, shopping for men can be tricky. Maybe you’re struggling for unique gifts for men? Fear not, we offer you a universally attractive solution that's well received by a wide range of men. We are talking about genuinely beneficial male grooming products that serve both a practical purpose and represent a luxurious treat. Even better, if you choose a gift from our Men's Natural Skincare range, you know you’re giving them a pure, clean product made by a sustainable company. Some items are extra special presents. Why shouldn’t men pamper themselves and enjoy fabulous aromas and sensuous skincare products? Especially as they also get better-looking skin and hair. There’s another reason the following ideas are the best skincare gifts for men. By using products crafted from pure, natural ingredients your man gets skin that feels great to the touch. It’s a gift that keeps on giving!

Gift ideas for men’s skincare

Here is your handy list of practical, luxurious and all-natural pamper products for men.

Virgin Organic Hemp Oil Super Cleanser

Our Virgin Organic Hemp Oil Cleanser includes a perfectly balanced amount of organic oil to clean toxins away and build the skins’ resilience levels. Making it an ideal gift for any man, but especially one who wants to tackle the signs of ageing. It’s gentle but effective, nourishing as it cleans.

Gentlemen’s Daily Moisturising Face Serum

As the name clearly shows, this all-natural skincare product is the best way for men to moisturise and hydrate their skin. It's packed with high quality, pure and effective essential oils that feed and support skin cells. All without any oily residue. A little goes a long way!

Lemonazing Chunky Shampoo Bar

This is a fabulous stocking filler for men, but may change their hair washing routine for good! Buying a shampoo bar is a great environmentally-aware gift option and a perfect travel solution. Our Lemonazing Chunky Shampoo Bar uses citrus goodness to clean, but also to boost hair and scalp health. Oh, it also smells amazing!

Wild Thing Conditioning Treatment

For chaps with problem hair, including dry scalps, the ideal gift could be Wild Thing Natural Hair Conditioner pre-shampoo treatment. For example, it helps combat the effects of working outdoors, chlorine damage, overuse of heat and the hair issues that come from the march of time! You could buy the above two items as a wonderful gift set for men.

Luxury No.1 Luxury Cold Processed Soap

If you are looking for sustainable gift ideas for men, a luxury shampoo bar is not your only option. Our cold-processed soaps have all their lush nutrients locked in. For example, the gender-neutral Luxury No.1 cold processed soap in a reusable canvas bag, which is rich in oils and other plant-based ingredients. It cleans, refreshes and rejuvenates.

Luxury No.1 Solid Hand Cream Bar

Don’t forget that men’s hands need special attention too, particularly to smooth and soften skin that gets damaged on work days, or from their hobbies and interests. This is another great sustainable gift idea too, as well as being the perfect hand moisturiser for travelling. Rub the Luxury No 1 Solid Hand Cream Bar on your hands for just the right amount of moisturising goodness.

Luxury No. 1 Solid Perfume

There are lots of ways to combine skincare gifts for men using our website. Possibly the most lavish gift is to combine the last two items with unisex Luxury No. 1 solid perfume, with its spicy sweet orange, frankincense and myrrh top notes. Gorgeous!

Hunters Aftershave Balm for Gentlemen

Talking of men’s skincare gifts that also smell amazing, they don’t come better than this sumptuous and beneficial shaving balm. It's pure, natural ingredients ensure there’s no stinging or redness, just moisturising, hydrating and healing. (Which also tackles the signs of ageing on male skin.)

Where to buy the best skincare gifts for men

You will find more information about these skincare gifts for men on our website, including great male gift sets. Or, get in touch to put together the ideal combination for someone special. Of course, men don’t have to wait for the best men’s skincare products to appear gift wrapped. You can always treat yourself!